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Signage Pays Off For Restaurants

What is the value of signage to a business? Consider these statistics:

  • 50% of consumers have driven by a desired business without finding it due to insufficient signage
  • 34% of shoppers associate sign quality with store and product quality.
  • Updates and improvements to existing signs led to a 5% weekly sales increase for many stores; underperforming stores saw weekly sales increases of 15%.

Whether it is drawing people into a business or improving the sales performance of the business, signage plays an important role. 

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10 Tips For Successful Sales Discovery Calls

Do you ever wonder how to get the most from a sales discovery call? Here are 10 good tips on how to break the ice and come away from a discovery call with good information.

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NSP Introduces New Engraved Portfolios

Navitor Specialty Products (NSP) introduced a number of new products this year. In this post, we're introducing you to our new Engraved Portfolios. Are your customers looking for a way to celebrate big events or for the perfect gift to impress their most important clients? Personalized portfolios make a perfect gift for the busy executive, new graduate, and much more.  

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How to design a banner that gets noticed

Banners have been an effective tool in the marketing tool box for a long time. A large canvas gives you plenty of room for an eye-catching message. Banners have been popping up in all forms of advertising in order to promote products, sales, events, and businesses.

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Telling a Story - Transforming Corporate Spaces

Turn the lobby of your business into a showcase for your brand. Welcome your clients, vendors, and visitors; proudly display your logo behind the reception desk; promote events and important information with banners, pedestal signs, and table tents; and tell your story with a custom designed feature wall.

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NSP Releases New Architectural Signage Catalog

We have just released our new Architectural Signage and Visual Graphics catalog and the response has been incredibly positive! This visually stunning catalog takes you on an image-rich tour of what is possible with ADA Signage and Visual Graphics.

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Creating a Community - Transforming Spaces in Education

A centrally located commons area is not only is a hub of activity where students gather but also a crossroads between areas of the school. It's a great example of an area where different types of signage and visual graphics are used to support the function of a space. Wayfinding signage helps direct people to where they want to go; specialty signage lets them know when they've arrived; large format custom murals reinforce school spirit; and banners and floor decals promote special events.

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Modified ID Badge Displays Nursing Distinction

A regional hospital was interested in sharing their Magnet Nursing certification in a meaningful way with patients while in their care. Instead of a permanent award certificate hanging on a wall that could easily be missed, they wanted something portable that the nurses could wear while working.

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NSP Introduces New Acrylic Products

Navitor Specialty Products (NSP) introduced a number of new products this year. In this post, we're introducing you to our new line of Acrylic Products. The Acrylic Products feature 6 new products that are customizable in a variety of sizes. All products are produced with full color digitally printed graphics on the second surface to create a line of upscale and unique signage products for use in corporate, retail, healthcare, hospitality, and restaurant environments

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NSP Trims Production Time to Help Global Bank

Unexpected projects come up, priorities change, and emergencies are inevitable. So, when a global financial services company needed a quick turnaround on over 200 retractable banners, they knew to call NSP.
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