How to design a banner that gets noticed

Banners have been an effective tool in the marketing tool box for a long time. A large canvas gives you plenty of room for an eye-catching message. Banners have been popping up in all forms of advertising in order to promote products, sales, events, and businesses.

Banners_ValueBut it can be challenging to create the right banner for your business or event that cuts through the noise and drives a clear message that can't be missed. When developing a banner to promote business or event, follow this two-step method to ensure that your banner will be quickly  seen and understood.

  1. Be Concise. When developing a banner it’s easy to get lost in the size of the product. With banners up to eight feet in length you have a lot of space to add promotable content, but passers-by and event-goers are not likely to stop and read a paragraph of content about your business or event. Instead, brainstorm key information that is important to the promotion and place those phrases in eye-catching locations around the banner. This will break up your content into easy-to-read chunks that will be quickly and easily seen by your audience.
  2. Be Direct. Once your message is clear, decide how you’re going to say it. In order to connect with the consumer your banner needs to stand out and you can begin to do that by clearly directing their focus.
    • Visually intriguing - Whether you are playing around with color combinations, clear promotional photos, or eye-catching graphics, it is important that your banner visually engages your audience and holds their attention.
    • Attention grabbing -  Once you’ve got their attention, you can direct them to key promotional information by making sure the concise content you created is placed on the banner in a clear and easy-to-read format. By doing this, your audience can pick up on key points quickly and easily.

When developing your next banner remember to be concise and direct the reader. By following these two easy steps, your next event or promotion will be sure to get noticed with banners that people will be compelled to read.

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