Large Bank Requests Unique Stamps

While banks and other financial institutions routinely use check endorsement stamps, teller stamps (for coding and dating deposits), Notary Public stamps, and signature stamps; in this case, they needed a stamp that would fit in a very small space for their safe deposit box logs. The bank approached NSP because they knew we excel in finding the right custom product for any need, and they were already using our proprietary procurement solution as well.



Safety deposit logs require secure tracking. The bank requested two different self-inking stamp impressions that would fit exactly in the space provided in their internal logs.


The samples, sizes, stamp type and handles were approved for the application and the new items were set up in their existing proprietary, electronic procurement system.  After an initial delivery of 2,000 stamps, the orders are now flowing in electronically. Problem solved.


Tailoring a product and ordering process specifically to suit the customer’s needs provided the bank employees with an efficient tool to use in their everyday tasks. By adding the item to their integrated ordering platform, they don’t have to request approval or remember where to buy these unique stamps. The end users were happy with their products and the project manager at the Top 5 bank was impressed with our speed, quality, service and ability to deliver and bill to multiple locations across the country.


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