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Healthcare Facilities Use Signage to Improve Patient Experience 

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for healthcare organizations to struggle with visual communications. The consequences range from negative patient experiences and reduced staff productivity to non-compliance with brand standards and industry regulations, even putting patients’ safety at risk. Consider these trends...

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Nonprofits Use Signage to Share their Message 

Whether it is encouraging donations or bringing awareness to a cause, signage plays a vital role in helping nonprofits spread their message. Did you know:

  • There are over 25 different types of nonprofits; including social advocacy groups, charitable organizations, foundations, trade associations, credit unions and many more. This diversity offers ample opportunity for signage programs. 
  • Nonprofits are structured similarly to for-profit businesses so their marketing needs are similar. Bring your marketing expertise to nonprofits to build your credibility as a vendor.
  • 53% of nonprofits say event marketing is a top priority. Multiple annual and one-time events require signage such as badges, banners, exterior and interior signage and decals.  
  • Nonprofits contribute 5.4%, or $905.9 billion, to the economy. Make sure you are tapping into this lucrative industry. 
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